These incredible Neoprene Diving Gloves are the best freedive hunting and spearfishing gloves ever made by anyone, anywhere.

Ultra supple, comfortable and very warm, yet the most durable and tough cold water Neoprene Gloves you’ll ever own!

Made of Yamamoto 3 mm thick Neoprene, the back of the Yazbeck Thermo-Flex Neoprene Diving Gloves is laminated with Black Nylon.

Their interior is lined with a special combination of Bio-Ceramics and Titanium Oxide for durability, ease of donning, thermo-reflecting and anti-bacterial properties. They are also totally sealed inside, making them 100% waterproof!

The Palm is made of ultra resistant, durable and chaffing resistant Kanoco material, reinforced with Ink Dots, made of Polyurethane material giving them an incredible gripping power and that is virtually indestructible! You can finally have the firmest grip to load your speargun’s slippery rubber bands or grab any fish by the gills, time after time, month after month, without the gloves sustaining the slightest damage!

The Seams are all double coated with liquid polyurethane, making them virtually impossible to unravel or come apart. They are a true marvel!

Thanks to their unique elasticity resembling the latex surgical gloves, these are the warmest, most comfortable and lightest diving gloves ever made, with ZERO water circulation inside.

These outstanding Yazbeck Thermo-Flex Neoprene Diving Gloves were designed and manufactured by Roger Yazbeck, exclusively for, using the best combination of prime materials!

They are ideal for hunting in every water condition around the world, especially cold water! They are so warm, you will never need anything thicker for water warmer than 48 F (9 C) and you can finally forget about the inconvenience of wearing mittens, or mitts, the legendary cumbersome, bulky and annoying 3 fingered Neoprene Gloves usually needed for very cold water.

Therefore, for water temperature colder than 48 F down to below freezing point (31 F or -1 C), just choose the Yazbeck Thermo-Flex Neoprene Diving Gloves in 5 mm thickness instead, and voila!