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I love the suit, man what a difference from anything I have ever owned!!! I don't see myself ever going back to inferior products

Carlos Eyles
Honolulu, Hawaii

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Welcome to Yazbeck Wetsuits – home of the best made, most comfortable freedive and spearfishing wetsuits available. Our products are designed and manufactured by Roger Yazbeck, using a higher Yamamoto Neoprene grade than commercially available anywhere else in the world. You will feel the difference the moment you touch and eventually put on one of our wetsuits.

The answers to frequently asked questions are provided here, but if you have any of your own questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

What is a freediving wetsuit? 
What is the difference between the traditional wetsuit and the Yazbeck? 
What is the difference between “open-cell”, "split-cell" and “skin-in” wetsuits? 
What makes the Yazbeck Neoprene so different? 
What is the difference betweeen "NanoPreneShield®" and "BioTermic®"? 
What are the main features of "NanoPreneShield®" ? 
How is it that special Neoprene manufactured and how could you describe it? 
Could you give some technical data with a description of this space-age Japanese Neoprene? 
What is"Holoblend®" ? 
What’s so special about Holoblend® compared to other brands camouflage patterns?  
How come no other brand in the world can come up with something similar? 
Why dive in a Yazbeck Holoblend® Camo wetsuit?  
What is Impermeaflex®?  
How is it possible that Yazbeck wetsuits are "green" and environmentally friendly?

What is the Hamour Camouflage?


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